i like comics, space, feminism, cats, the oxford comma, and leslie knope.
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Kit Renner and Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Carol Danvers' biggest fans

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Come on, Sammy!  Let’s have a beer… talk about it.  I’m tired of playing.  Let’s finish this game. (x)

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dear god Garrus you adorable nerdy gem.

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All of Leslie’s compliments to Ann

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Ms Marvel #6

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"I Want to Believe" by Dead End Design

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Captain Marvel (2012-2014) #16

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Fancy new plaster for my foot. Now let’s get this surgery over with so I can go back to enjoying sitting on my ass all day.

murder girls | what if some of marvel’s baddest women got together for a relentless bloodsoaked manhunt to cleanse the world of an unspeakable evil?

leave your manners at the door, ladies. things are about to get nasty.

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